Steam Playtest Now Widely Available

Valve makes playtest feature by country.

Every so often Valve comes out with a neat new feature for Steam developers. This week marks the wide launch of Steam Playtests, a feature where developers can invite users to playtest their game without the need for third party services, generating keys, and whatnot.

The feature also protects developers from common scams such as people impersonating websites or YouTubers in order to get keys or access to a game, that they then sell on the open market. Playtest also allows for developers to make getting into the playtest much easier.

Steam Playtest is a new feature built right into Steam, allowing you to invite players to test your game without having to manage keys or external mailing lists. You control how many players get access, when to add more players, when to open testing, and when to close your playtest.

Playtests can additionally be managed on a per-country basis, taking care of additional work when it comes to handing out keys.

Source: Steam

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