Wild Terra 2 Launches Charity Pack

Get your moose on.

Wild Terra 2 is the latest open world sandbox game from Juvty Worlds. Presently in early access on Steam, Wild Terra 2 challenges players with building their presence in the world and occasionally fending off other players. Technically it has open pvp everywhere, but only a few danger zones where pvp actually occurs (due to the inventory loot).

Starting today and running through May 10, players can purchase the Forest Keeper pack. The pack costs $24.49 ($39.99 if you also need a game key) and includes a moose mount, forest keeper’s cloak, and 10 sprouts of a decorative tree. Also for every key purchased a real tree will be planted in real life.

The partnership involves One Tree Planted who, incidentally, plant trees.

Source: Wild Terra 2

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