Hotcakes: Vigor’s Battle Pass Is Really Neat

And a good idea.

Those of you who read MMO Fallout may know that I’ve had my opinions in the past regarding battle passes and how developers can more ethically monetize their games. One suggestion I’ve pitched time and time again is the idea of making battle passes permanent, that is to say once a player unlocks them they can progress until infinity with no cutoff date. Alternately I suggested bringing back old battle passes so players who weren’t around back then can unlock their stuff.

And that’s exactly what survival game Vigor did. You probably never heard of Vigor because this relatively low-key free to play game by Bohemia Interactive only launched on console, and to my knowledge didn’t really get any fanfare there either. Which isn’t to say the game is a failure or the community is dead, just that it didn’t get a whole lot of publicity that I remember.

Vigor recently started implementing legacy season packs, battle passes from previous seasons that run concurrently with current season passes. Legacy seasons cost 330 crowns, roughly half the cost of a present season, and they are leveled up as you level up your current season with the same experience you gain. If you purchased the season in the past, you don’t have to buy it again when it becomes a legacy season. You just have to turn on the progression in the menu. Only one legacy season can be turned on alongside a current season.

This is great. It gives people more confidence in their season pass purchases because even if you don’t complete it now during the allotted timeline, you still have an opportunity at some point in the future to do so, and in a way that doesn’t interfere with future passes. You’re letting people unlock the things that they paid for while also not interfering with players who spent additional money to unlock those things at the time. In short, everyone wins.


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