Early Access: Dark and Light Abandoned

Also Snail Games USA may have silently shut down.

Today’s Early Access catch up article pertains to Dark and Light, the paid game from Snail Games USA that has languished in early access since its launch in 2017. Dark and Light currently sits at a 47% mixed Steam rating, and if you look at the recent reviews you’ll see a lot of negative impressions related to bugs, optimization issues, and that the developers have abandoned the title.

And is Dark and Light abandoned? By our measures, yes. The last Steam news update goes back to September 2020 and is an apology for server problems. If you’re looking for the last content update news story, you’ll have to go back much further to October 2019 with the Halloween patch. Despite this Snail Games USA is still selling Dark and Light for $17.99.

By all measures it looks like Dark and Light was abandoned in favor of Snail Games developing the mobile spinoff, Dark and Light Mobile. The mobile game is apparently having its final beta test in August. The test is only available on Android. You register by filling out a Google doc.

What’s more, I discovered that Snail Games USA may have shut down their California offices. Snail Games USA lists its office location as 5300 Beethoven St. in the penthouse office, the Playa Vista Technology Center. The penthouse office is listed on numerous websites as available for rent, and our checks of tenants only turned up Ophir RF and Strivr as the two current tenants of the four story building.

MMO Fallout has made several attempts to reach out to Snail Games USA, an endeavor that has proven difficult. None of our on-file contact emails work, and the contact email on the official website is also nonfunctional. None of Snail Games USA’s social media accounts interact with people.

Given Snail Games USA’s general negligence and the time period since the last actual content update, it’s safe to say that Dark and Light qualifies for the abandonware list. If the game is still being developed for, or if Snail Games USA’s office is actually still open, the company has certainly put no effort into showing it.

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