Neverwinter Will Not Compensate Event Bug

Players need to start new characters.

Neverwinter‘s Module 21 launched this week and if you’ve been paying attention to the news you probably know that Perfect World Entertainment announced the Neverember’s Recruitment event. The event is supposed to incentivize new character creation with rewards at every level up to level 20. But since this is Neverwinter we’re talking about, the event naturally launched broken.

Players who leveled up before Wednesday’s hotfix received nothing, and it doesn’t appear as if characters created before then can receive the Neverember Recruitment boxes at all. Rather than compensate players or provide them with the boxes, Perfect World Entertainment has opted to do nothing. The event has been extended by one day, but bugged characters are out of luck and you’ll need to start over if you want those recruitment rewards.

Welcome to Neverwinter, enjoy your stay.

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