Bless Unleashed Boots Belgian, Dutch Players

Your kind ain’t welcome here.

Bless Unleashed has been available for the last day unless of course you live in Belgium or the Netherlands in which case the titular MMO has been available never, and probably will be available never. If you attempt to access the Steam page as a user located in either of these two countries, as well as South Africa incidentally, you’ll be met with a big fat “not available in your country” message.

Now Neowiz has claimed in the past that the country restrictions are due to GDPR laws and that seems like false information. After all the GDPR exists for all European Union countries and Neowiz has excluded just two of them. MMO Fallout crack researchers could find no particular reason Netherlands and Belgium would have stricter GDPR rules. Or South Africa for that matter.

But what those two countries do have in common are strict laws on predatory game mechanics. So it makes more sense that Neowiz decided to exclude both countries as to not accidentally fall on the wrong side of their gambling laws rather than open themselves up to potential legal problems. South Africa also has incredibly strict laws on gambling of all forms.

Considering turning off PvP is a paid toggle, those players might consider themselves more blessed that the game is just unavailable from the get go. Given the “mostly negative” rating on Steam at the time of this publishing, I guess everyone else can continue not enjoying the game.

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