Naraka: Bladepoint Optimizing Server Nodes

Including Oceanic and South America.

Naraka: Bladepoint is here, and the result so far has been a metric buttload of people playing. But while peak player counts may be hitting 70 thousand, the community isn’t 100% happy with the current server situation. Reviews posted in the first few days have pointed toward a lesser experience for Oceanic and South American players. They may be in luck.

In an update posted today, 24 Entertainment revealed that local server nodes are coming to both Oceania and South America for lower latency matches.

The team at 24 Entertainment is hard at work implementing a solution to bring those affected the optimal NARAKA: BLADEPOINT experience. The team is currently establishing network nodes in both Oceania and South America, which players from those regions will automatically connect to. These nodes are connected to the South East Asia server (for Oceania) and North American Server (for South America). When matchmaking begins, the nodes will prioritize players from the Oceania hub and South American hub, delivering low-latency matchups.

When is it coming? Soon.

Source: Steam

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