Daybreak Cuts Wandering Monster Games TM

Lets it die in committee.

Wandering Monster Games is dead, at least for now.┬áLast May Daybreak Game Company filed an application for a new trademark, that being for Wandering Monster Games. Speculation was rampant at the time that this might be a new studio for a new IP, a new studio to take over an old IP, or just more of Daybreak fracturing their IPs into smaller, easier to swallow bits and pieces. If you look at MassivelyOP’s coverage, the hints seemed to lean toward H1Z1 being the related IP.

Well that vision is dead, evidently. According to the US Patent & Trademark Office, Daybreak filed the application and then proceeded to do absolutely nothing with it. The trademark was published for opposition, didn’t receive any, and in December received a notice of allowance with a six month deadline for Daybreak to file a statement of use, or intent to use. They didn’t do either of those things.

And now the trademark has been declared abandoned. The abandonment was declared on July 17 and in the ensuing weeks Daybreak has seemingly made no effort to revive its efforts to obtain said trademark. So unless they start a new application, it’s safe to say that Wandering Monster Games is a dead idea.

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