DokeV Also No Longer An MMO

Pearl Abyss loves scaling down their games.

If 2020 and 2021 have a cohesive theme in the MMO sphere, it’ll probably be MMO developers announcing that the games they previously described as MMOs are no longer MMOs. We saw this happen with Perfect World Entertainment, and now Pearl Abyss is doing it with Crimson Desert and DokeV.

The DokeV Twitter account responded on Twitter to a user claiming that the game is not an MMO. The reveal is somewhat surprising since Pearl Abyss has been describing DokeV as an MMO since the game’s announcement.

Even the game’s own website didn’t quite get the memo.

Pearl Abyss has acknowledged that the current DokeV isn’t the same thing that was initially introduced. Earlier this year, Pearl Abyss changed course by announcing that Crimson Desert would no longer be an MMO.

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