Clockwork Labs Raises $4.3 Million for MMO

Unannounced community sandbox MMO.

Clockwork Labs, the latest MMO development studio, announced this week a round of funding to the tune of $4.3 million. Founded by Tyler Cloutier and Alessandro Asoni, Clockwork Labs has attracted funding and employees from a wide variety of sources. Angel investor and CEO of CCP Games Hilmar Pétursson is one of the investors, as is Unity founder David Helgason.

“We started Clockwork Labs to create the kind of ambitious MMORPG project we’ve wanted to play for years, but which required our new proprietary tech,” said Tyler Cloutier, co-founder of Clockwork Labs. “Our debut project will feature a truly unique level of social interaction and cooperation between players, which is at the core of what our studio values in gaming.”

Clockwork Labs is hiring as a fully remote independent game studio. Very little has been mentioned about the game other than describing it as a community sandbox MMORPG.

“At Clockwork Labs, we want to create virtual worlds which have true meaning to the players that inhabit them,” said Alessandro Asoni, co-founder of Clockwork Labs. “It is important to us in the way we design games to give the power of creation and owning content back to the players. We’re excited to see what this level of freedom and inspiration leads to when we invite the world to experience our debut project.”

Source: Press Release

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