Swords of Legends Talks Raid Drops

Is working on dealing with outliers.

Today’s piece comes to us from Sword of Legends Online, where publisher Gameforge is talking about upcoming changes to the game. Season 2 of the battle pass kicks off on September 2, that’s tomorrow, and includes a cute cat pet as one of the rewards. Adorable.

They do address players feeling shafted by the raid drop system, noting that while it is working as intended they recognize some players aren’t too happy about getting the bare minimum of drops all the time. They are working on ways to improve the drop experience.

All of this logic aside, however, it is obvious that the system currently feels bad to players only ever getting the minimum amount of drops and we have noticed some outliers in our monitoring of the drops throughout the last weeks, which is why we continue to discuss this topic and potential ways to improve the drop experience with the developers, to make this more satisfying for players.

Gameforge also clarifies some hubbub over its request for testers, as miscommunication led some members of the community to believe they were looking for professional QA testers to do unpaid work. Rather what Gameforge is looking for is regular players willing to sign an NDA to test part time unrelease content. The presence of an NDA for this testing, as the statement notes, is not uncommon in the industry.

The intention of the said post was not to find explicitly people with QA experience or even full-fledged QAs but to find experienced and active players, who are able to provide early and meaningful feedback on the content in the pre-release phase. We believe giving users a chance to get involved like this will enable us to improve the game in the best way (and we promise not to take up 40 hours of their timeā€¦or anything remotely close to that). As for the NDA that threw some people off, as we are speaking exclusively about non-released content here that is standard procedure to ensure we can still announce upcoming stuff when we feel comfortable doing so.

There is a lot more in the announcement, including a roadmap of content for updates to come. Check it out.

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