EverQuest Adds Extra Subscriptions

Subscriptions to compliment your subscriptions.

I know what some of my readers are thinking; One subscription in EverQuest is nice, but you know what would be better? Two subscriptions. And boy howdy did the gods at Enad Global 7 hear you because under newly appointed CEO Ji Ham the company is introducing a whole new line of subscriptions to go with your subscriptions.

The folks at Darkpaw Games found a new tier of subscriptions in the cupboard behind the expired macaroni, and they are ready to sell them to you. EverQuest Perks offer new perks in EverQuest like extra experience, extra gold drop, more inventory, a free bag, and more.

The Nameless created these Perks during the time of the Dragons and we just found them! (We’ve been busy . . . really,¬†really¬†busy!) The Darkpaw clan is proud to present you with these long-lost Perks giving you the ability to make the most of your time in the realms of Norrath. We expect the caravan to arrive near the end of September.

The top perk pack costs $4.99/mo. They aren’t available yet, but grab your credit card because they will be soon.

Source: EverQuest

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