Fortnite Season 8: What’s New?

A lot, actually.

Fortnite Season 8 is upon us, meaning there’s plenty more forts and a ton more nites for players to fort and nite in. The Season 7 finale saw players uniting to destroy the mothership hovering above the island and abducting its points of interest. And what happens when you blow up a big freaking mothership? That’s right.

You blow up the island.

Season 8 of Fortnite’s theme is all about…uh, something. Kevin the Cube is back on the island and everything is going screwy. Carnage and Venom are going to be parts of this season and there are a lot of opportunities for PvE gaming similar to the Save The World. You know, the game nobody plays even though Epic made it free for crew members way back.

First off the quest system has been revamped once again. There are a variety of punchcards that appear to be replacing last season’s multi-tiered legendary quests. Each character has five quests to take that reward experience, and more punchcards will be added in on presumably a weekly basis.

Chapter 2 introduced a season-length customizable thing, starting with an umbrella and moving on to complete characters. Season 8’s customizable is the Toona Fish, a 1920s-era rendition of Fish Sticks that is customized a few ways. You collect three paint cans at a specific location to unlock that color as well as an additional option that gets unlocked by redeeming rainbow paint earned through opening chests. All of them are nightmare fuel.

Most of the Season 7 weapons are gone; your ray guns, pulse rifles, etc. In its place are sideways weapons, guns that can overheat from prolonged use, but actually do more damage the closer they get to being overheated.

There’s another interesting feature in the form of community building events. Epic seems to really want to get people invested in the gold bar economy of Fortnite, and this season has a lot of methods to obtain and spend your bars. There are stations you can donate gold bars to that will eventually unlock turrets for that location and we assume that means they’ll be there forever or at least until the end of the season. A news post says that players will be given the opportunity to vote back in certain vaulted weapons in the future.

My favorite quality of life improvement with this update is auto-forwarding of mission lines. Up until now you’ve always had to complete a mission and wait until the next to get the next mission in the chain. With season 8, you finish a mission and the next in the line becomes available. I completed three of five in a single solo round and it makes every match feel like you’re accomplishing more.

By the way, I’m impressed by how much content Fortnite puts in that can be completed without actually being great at Fortnite. Now whenever I’m actually playing to play and not grind missions, I can reliably end up in the top 10 of matches. But it’s nice to see that you’re not going to get a mission expecting you to hit that #1 victory royale.

More on Fortnite in a fortnight.

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