Eve Online Releases Quadrant 3

The third quadrant.

This year we’ve been talking about Eve Online releasing Quadrants, which introduces the new player experience and skill training. In addition, as of September 23 you can find Eve Online in the Epic Games Store. In case you only use that store.

Quadrant 3: Gateway introduces a narrative training mode that should leave new players more equipped to thrive among the stars and get nuked by someone with ten years of training behind them. Gateway also redistributes resources, the start of an update to the scarcity of resources in New Eden.

“It is the best time in EVE’s 18-year history for pilots to fly into New Eden,” said Bergur FinnbogasonEVE Online’s Creative Director. “The heart of EVE Online has always been its players. For Quadrant 3 we are opening up the Gateway for new Capsuleers into EVE Online, starting with the new player experience. I’m excited to see how these new pilots will shape the game for years to come!”

Source: Eve Online press release

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