Fortnite Players Obsessing Over Roaming Cubes

Potential story spoilers ahead.

Say what you want about Epic Games and Fortnite, but the creators really know how to tell a story that leaves players wanting more details about something as innocuous as the migrating patterns of mysterious colored cubes. Fortnite Season 8 is dubbed Cubed after the finale of Season 7 saw the massive mothership crash down to the planet and litter the island with a number of big cubes. And those cubes have started moving.

Why is this important? Well the season is literally called Cubed, meaning any activity on the part of the cubes is no doubt leading somewhere. The big purple cube, lovingly named Kevin by the community, played a big part in shaping the map in Chapter 1. Turn one Kevin into many Kevins, and you can see where I’m going with this.

Thankfully this is Fortnite, and that means dataminers have already broken into the game to find clues. Over the course of the season the cubes will apparently make their way toward the center of the map with the big golden cube roaming around and causing chaos.

As usual the battle pass trailer revealed some secrets to come, including cubes being spotted in places they haven’t yet gotten to. The images seem to suggest that the bigger cubes will spawn smaller cubes that could in turn go their own way and spread corruption through the island.

All of this of course lends itself to forwarding Fortnite lore while continuing Epic’s longstanding tradition of making small changes to the game’s map over the course of each season, changing the way people play from week to week. Over the course of the alien-themed Season 7 multiple points of interest became low-gravity zones with the foundation torn apart, only to be fully removed from the map with a crater in their place.

It’s certainly a testament to the loyal following Fortnite has generated that countless social media accounts are dedicating themselves to the job of following the slow progression of big cubes around a battle royale map, generating all kinds of fan art and concept toys.

What is the secret of Fortnite’s cubes? We don’t know. It’s surely more interesting than whatever Peter Molyneux could do with it.

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