RuneScape Once Again Threatens Gold Buyers

But is their bite as bad as their bark?

It’s been a while since Jagex’s last grandstanding statement against gold farming, but can the company actually put a dent in the massive black market gold trade in its game? In a news post delivered today, Jagex sent out another warning to people who buy gold; please stop, or we’ll probably do something in the future.

Work to improve the integrity of our beloved game never stops. We want you to have fun and play competitively in an environment that’s fair, and governed by mutual respect among players. As part of these efforts, additional measures to counter real world trading (RWT) will be introduced in the coming months.

Jagex’s system improvements now apparently help them find buyers as well as it does sellers. According to the post, suspected buyers should receive warning emails over the next few hours with an ultimatum; no more buying RuneScape gold with real money from gold farmers or you’ll be banned. You are however free to buy RuneScape gold with real money if you go directly through Jagex.

Part two of the new fight against real world trading involves the slow removal of the dual arena to be replaced with a new “experience” sometime in 2022. For more information about both of these initiatives, check out the RuneScape news post listed below.

Source: RuneScape

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