New World Towns Are Downgrading

Because people can’t pay taxes.

The only guarantees in life are death and taxes, unless you’re living in New World where death isn’t permanent leaving nothing but taxes. But players are waking up this morning to discover something not so great about their servers; the towns are decaying because the guilds controlling them are delinquent on their taxes. Because they can’t pay them.

Every town in New World is controlled by a player-run company that collects taxes and thus pays to upkeep the town and upgrade its crafting points to bring in more commerce. Players pay taxes every time they craft something, pay their property tax, or trade using the local trade post, and that generates revenue for the town. With yesterdays update shutting down all transfers of wealth however it has become impossible for some companies to pay their taxes. Just because you can’t pay your tax doesn’t mean the tax man doesn’t want his money. You got that?

As a result people are finding towns in their servers degrading. The more towns degrade, the harder it will be to craft higher end items. Evidently nobody at Amazon considered the ramifications of not paying taxes. And why would they?

More on this rolling circus as it appears.

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