Marvel’s Avengers Drops Spider-Man Nov. 30

Oh and a way to get cosmetics.

Marvel’s Avengers finally unlocked the latest roadmap for the game. The good news is that Spider-Man, the oft-delayed super hero, will be hitting PlayStation digital shelves on November 30, and only PlayStation digital shelves. Sorry Game Pass people, and everyone else. In addition the max power level will be raised from 150 to 175, with new ways for players to upgrade their gear.

For those missing out on Spider-Man, outside of the web slinger himself it appears you’ll be missing out on a series of challenges rather than the full story DLC that the two Hawkeyes and Black Panther received. It will also be possible to purchase loot boxes with units to obtain cosmetics.

Update launches November 30 as a free content drop for anyone who owns the game (or plays through Game Pass)

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