Lineage Eternal Is Ten Years Unreleased

Happy vaporware-versary.

Lineage Eternal is one of those games NCSoft loves talking about more than they seem to love actually putting it through to release, and this week marks the ten year anniversary of the seemingly vaporware title’s nonexistence. NCSoft first announced Lineage Eternal on November 8, 2011, and since then the title has gone through delays, reboots, reshuffling, major staff changes, engine changes, name changes, and more. In fact it got so close to release once that in 2016 NCSoft held an actual closed beta event. Where people could play it.

Nowadays Lineage Eternal is known as Project TL and NCSoft claims in pretty much every other quarterly investor call that the game is totally going into beta by the end of that year. Spoiler; it doesn’t. During the Q3 earnings call in November 2020, NCSoft sounded pretty confident that Project TL would be on track for a PC release in Korea in 2021. Much like every beta test they’ve been teasing for the last five years only to never mention again, that 2021 release date isn’t happening.

This month marks NCSoft’s Q3 2021 investor call, and maybe…just maybe, they’ll be willing to talk about the game again. Tell us that it’s totally coming in 2022, they swear. They just need to put the finishing touches on the three thousand iterations of Lineage and Lineage 2 being ported to mobile over the next two weeks.

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