Hotcakes: Stop The GD Pre-Ordering

If you’re still buying games day one, you have nobody to blame but you.

I realize now that this is something myself and others are going to be saying until we’re dead, but for the love of God and all that is holy, you people need to stop pre-ordering games.

This past Thursday saw the launch of Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy, a remastered collection of three titles from GTA’s history rebuilt for modern day systems. And by for modern day systems, I mean it’s an updated mobile port that was brought to home consoles early. The company behind the ports is Grove Street Games, a studio whose history includes trash mobile ports of titles including Grand Theft Auto. Also Rockstar refused to show gameplay footage up until release day, a massive red flag. In short, there’s no reason anyone should be buying this company’s games on day one. Or at all. And yet here we are.

Meanwhile Battlefield 2042 is the latest example of a developer expecting people to pay more money for a crappier experience. While the game doesn’t formally launch until later this week, early access started over the weekend with players facing crippling game issues preventing them from playing the very thing they paid more money to play early. This isn’t the first time a Battlefield game has launched in a completely broken state and it certainly won’t be the last.

So at the risk of screaming until I’m blue in the face, you people need to stop pre-ordering games and stop buying them day one. Especially from developers with a proven track record of releasing unfinished crap. I get that this sentiment tends to generate a lot of “I can do what I want with my money” responses, but in that vein you have nobody to blame other than yourself when what you bought is a pile of garbage. Your life in the long run won’t be any different if you didn’t take the day off of work to navigate yet another broken Battlefield title.¬†On the contrary, you might be less of a miserable person to be around.

And yes, I recognize that my screaming is going to fall on deaf ears where it’s needed most, and the people pissed that the GTA Trilogy sucks or that Battlefield literally doesn’t work will be lining up around the block to buy the next release from both companies because they’re obedient consumers. But I can wipe away the legitimacy of your complaints and frankly I’m fine with just that.

But what do I know, I have a deposit on the Amico.

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