RuneScape Premier Cheaper, Ditches Tiers

Bronze and silver tiers have been ditched.

Another year is coming and that means another year of RuneScape Premier Club, the annual subscription for RuneScape. And also the club that Jagex uses to beat the money out of you. Most notable this year is the complete removal of purchasing tiers. Premier Club has always had three tiers of membership offering different levels of rewards, but this year there is only one.

Now in the FAQ, Jagex points to this being a result of the lower tiers not being popular.

Very few people took up the Bronze and Silver packages and so we had decided to instead focus our efforts on the more popular package and improve it across the board.

One thing players will notice is that the price of Premier Club has come down substantially. At a couple of points the cost of gold Premier Club went over $100. In 2021 gold tier cost $90. This year the cost has been reduced to $69.99 in return for one year of membership plus other goodies. In short, this is the closest many will get to reliving RuneScape’s old $5/month subscription. Unless you’re still grandfathered in.

The goodies included in premier club are quite substantial and include extra treasure hunter keys, bank space, monthly reward bundles, access to certain events, free battle passes, and more. And at $70 it’s probably cheaper than what most people are paying for their subscription anyway.

Premier Club is available until early 2022.

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