New World Permabans 1660 Cheaters

Deletes 98% of ill-gotten wealth.

Amazon’s New World hasn’t been having a great time with exploits, as several dupes have come to light in the recent weeks causing the game to shut down trading while the bugs were patched. As players ask for more details, a post on the forums has gone up explaining how Amazon is dealing with the latest round of dupers. Through permanent bans.

According to the forum post, over 1200 player shave been banned for duping in-game coin and resources via packet manipulation.

Bad actors discovered through packet manipulation, a bug that allowed players to duplicate in-game coin and resources – a similar attack against a different game system was also recently used in housing. Together for these exploits we have permanently banned over 1200 players, removing their items from the economy, and cancelling their trade post listings. We took decisive action against obvious bad actors with a first pass on November 2nd, permanently banning accounts of the most egregious offenders which eliminated over 80% of duped Coin and item value from the economy.

The post goes on to say that an additional 460 players received permanent bans while removing 98% of the duplicated items and gold from the game. The small amount of items that remain are players who stumbled on the dupe but didn’t exploit it. According to the post, the folks at Amazon don’t believe these items have had an impact on the economy, but have promised more precise investigations are being held with the potential for further permanent bans.

Source: New World

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