GaaS: Halo Infinite’s Battle Pass Is Too Slow

Players argue against snail pace battle pass.

Halo Infinite’s multiplayer beta is available for everyone to play, provided you have an internet connection, a functioning device, and all the prerequisite body parts needed to play a video game. As a free to play game it was only inevitable that Halo Infinite would get on the battle pass train, and while 343 is earning some good boy points for giving an infinite amount of time to complete the pass once you buy it, players are offering some feedback on the pace of the pass itself.

Namely that it’s way too slow.

Every game runs its battle passes slightly differently. In the case of Halo: Infinite, battle pass progression is currently tied entirely to daily and weekly challenges. That means changing your playstyle to appease whatever challenges are currently on offer, be they specific kills, game modes, or weapons. It also means that your accomplishments in the match are essentially worthless to battle pass progression, as a player can rack up 30+ kills and still receive zero battle pass experience.

It also means that you can get soft-locked out of completing certain challenges if the game’s multiplayer rotation simply decides to not play ball. For example if the game never puts you in an oddball match, you’ll have the oddball challenge just lingering there. Same goes for challenges that require you to play specific maps to get specific weapon kills.

Many games treat battle pass challenges as a bonus to the progression which is based more on how well you perform in the game. While Halo Infinite allows a theoretically endless amount of time to complete said pass, players aren’t so enthused about the prospects of playing forever in order to complete all 100 levels of the pass. Comments also point to the disappointment of playing a good round only to see your battle pass progression inch forward, assuming it progresses at all.

Now obviously Halo: Infinite just launched its beta yesterday, so there’s plenty of time to work out the kinks. Even Fortnite took a while to get its battle pass experience to where it is today. A comment from 343 during the technical flight tests mentions improving the battle pass “post-launch” meaning any improvements to progression likely won’t be seen until after December’s full launch.

We have heard community feedback around wanting more progression options including things like “match XP” to feed into the Battle Pass and an entirely separate, incremental system along the lines of earning SR152 in Halo 5: Guardians. Expanding Multiplayer progression offerings is something the team is actively exploring, and we look forward to continuing to evolve the experience in future seasons post-launch.

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