RuneScape: How To Be A Secret Santa

It’s a very simple process.

Today’s RuneScape update brought with it the Secret Santa reward task, which isn’t really a task as much as it is a thing you can do. But players might be confused because Jagex’s news post doesn’t really explain anything about how the Secret Santa works. But that’s why you’ve got MMO Fallout.

To take part in the Secret Santa trading you just need to go to Burthorpe and go to the area just south of the bank where the Queen of Snow is handing out the Yak Track tasks. You’ll find a polar bear named Sir Desmond Wellingtons KBE.

If you right click on the bear you have the option to donate a gift and receive a gift. The donation screen will pull up your inventory where you can donate stuff to other players. The donation box will only take a stack of items that’s worth at least ten grand. So for example you can donate one singular item that’s worth over 10k, or you can donate a stack of a single item as long as that stack cumulatively is worth at least ten thousand.

Donate 100k in a day and receive a prismatic lamp. Do this over 15 days and you’ll get a “Secret Santa” title. Donate over 200 million in one donation and you’ll receive a “Top Secret Santa” title.

Meanwhile what you’re really here for is the free stuff. You can claim a gift every two hours by clicking on the “claim gift” option on Sir Wellington. Every two hours you’ll get your hands on something theoretically worth more than ten grand.

Who knows what you’ll get. But don’t forget you can do this every two hours with the only daily limit being that there’s only 24 hours. Set your alarm.

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