Respawn Will Stop Selling Titanfall

Promises to continue the “incredible universe.”

The original Titanfall launched in 2014, but for the last year or two the game has become little more than a public relations nightmare for Respawn Entertainment. Between the service constantly being run down by hackers, players getting so angry that they breached Apex Legends in order to voice their frustration, and Respawn having to dial back its own statements that the Titanfall series had nothing going for it, Titanfall has just been a source of ill-will for everyone. Specifically people duped into buying a broken multiplayer game.

Rather than fix Titanfall’s problems, Respawn Entertainment announced today that they will be discontinuing sale of the game completely. It should be impossible to buy the game by the end of the day today, while subscription services (presumably EA Play) will remove the title in March. The servers however will be kept online where they will probably continue being DDOS’d into a nonfunctioning state.

Titanfall currently sits at a 39% “mostly negative” rating on Steam due to Respawn’s poor quality of support.

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