2021 Super Game Award Show Awards For 2021 Award Shows (Part Award)

Awards for games you don’t like from someone you don’t respect.

The end of the year is upon us, and that means it’s time for MMO Fallout’s 30th annual Super Game Award Show Awards, presenting awards for games that deserve awards, and as such will be receiving the awards they deserve. Now this year I decided to go down the route of positivity, because what the world needs now is love sweet love.

As always, even our runner ups should be excited to receive an award as this is the second year in a row that MMO Fallout has been awarded Best Website To Receive Awards From from a series of contestants chosen from the MMO Fallout board of directors.

So check out the awards and then go dampen your socks in anticipation for part two.

The Van Veld Award For Lowest Effort Scam – Astellia Royal

Astellia Royal, a concept so poorly branded that many of my fellow writers in the MMO press actually thought it was a battle royale game. Now for those who haven’t been keeping up, Astellia Online was the buy to play game released by Studio 8. As a buy to play MMO with some interesting mechanics, Astellia Online was many things. One thing it wasn’t was particularly successful.

So developer Studio8 effectively ran a scam operation by not rebooting the game but simply having a free to play version running side by side with the buy to play version. Now this may sound dirty and the product of a deeply incompetent studio, and you’d be right. In fact the relaunch of Astellia in the form of Astellia Royal was so comically incompetent that the game straight up didn’t work for a large number of the few people willing to give it a try.

Astellia Royal peaked at 744 concurrent people and within a couple of months that number dipped below 100. Ultimately server closure was announced on August 10, giving the service a whole five months of life on Steam. Astellia Online shut down as well, and actually both titles were taken down early with no prior warning, but nobody really cared.

If MMO Fallout reaches 100 years old, the most satisfying feeling will still be watching scummy free to play publisher schemes fail.

The Award For Most Awards Awarded Award – Eve Online

If there’s one thing you need to know about Eve Online, it’s that this game wins awards. In October. In January. In February. Some others I’m probably missing because I ignored the press releases. The point is, Eve Online wins a lot of awards, thus making it the perfect choice for MMO Fallouts Award for the Most Awards Awarded. Award.

Another award to solidify all of Eve Online’s awards. Congratulations.

The Utz “My Computer Is A Potato” Award For Best Streaming Service – Game Pass Ultimate

Xbox Game Pass is one of the best investments you can make for a game streaming service. For $15/mo you not only get access to the Xcloud streaming for over 300 games, but many of the games that come to Game Pass are relatively new. It’s more expensive than Luna or Stadia, but those services tend to get some old-ass games on their streaming subscription. Also with Stadia you have to buy most games, and with GeForce Now you have to own all of them.

But what really sets Game Pass Ultimate above the rest is that if you do get a computer or an Xbox, you can download the games through Game Pass Ultimate and not have to play them over the internet constantly. Now that’s a darn tootin good deal if you ask me.

There are many streaming game services to choose from. I have tried all of them. Game Pass is the best bang for your buck. Amazon Luna in a second place.

The New Coke Award For Most Reasonably Cancelled Reboot – Anthem 2.0

I thought long and hard about this award, almost twenty seconds longer than the average thought time for an award, and ultimately had to give this one to Anthem 2.0 over Artifact 2.0. While there might be one and a half people out there still disappointed that EA never gave Anthem a second chance, I think it’s fair to say this game would have never got its Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn moment of return. Nobody was clamoring for Anthem’s revival, and the longer the game languished the less likely anyone would return to the game.

Anthem’s best use would be as a reminder to EA and its subsidiaries not to screw up a game’s launch, a lesson that should have gone toward Battlefield 2042. Oh well.

The William Wallace Award For Dedication – Z1: Battle Royale

This award is actually for the community of Z1: Battle Royale and not the developer Daybreak Game Company or whatever criminal Russian oligarch currently owns them. Z1 Battle Royale is a game that the developer abandoned a long time ago, yet its dedicated base of players still shows up every few months to pump the player count back up and get in some shootin’ and gaming before going back to whatever they were doing before. And then they come back a few months later to do it again.

At the end of April, EG7 stated that they are looking at reviving H1Z1/Z1BR, and while I see no reason to take anything said by the company as fact (especially since it was said by Robin Flodin who has since been ousted), it’s still a nice dream to hold close to our hearts. And kudos to the gaming community for continuing to remind Daybreak about the viability of the property they’re too ignorant to recognize.

The Vuvuzela Yoko Ono Duet Award For Worst Gaming Trend – Tying Drops To Watching Streams

One of the worst trends that really kicked off in 2021 in my view is the fraudulent circle of tying game drops to streams. Not only is it a scheme to artificially inflate the viewership of various games by tying everything from beta access to fancy gear to the game, but it artificially inflates the views of the people streaming those games, since 90% of the players who watch the streams are just going to mute it and set it to the lowest resolution to affect their internet least, then leave it on in the background.

It’s basically a triangle of fraud involving the developers, streamers, and Twitch who all get to inflate their numbers in the most superficial way possible and bank on FOMO. It’s a dirty technique and frankly the people paying good money to buy Twitch ads should be pissed that Twitch is putting their money to waste by deliberately generating an audience that will never see them.

The Dana Carvey Award For Worst MOP Podcast Guest – Connor

The person in that photo isn’t me, but I still won the award. While not the best guest on Massively Overpowered Podcast, Connor is definitely the worst. Between stuttering, talking over the actual hosts, and going on long winded comments about topics nobody cares about, Connor was put on a bus and sent off to the village of Never Working In This Town Again, and everyone was the happier for it. Except the people who live in that village.

Listen to it for yourself.

The Gone Too Soon Award – Defiance/Defiance 2050

This year’s award for game gone too soon goes to Defiance and Defiance 2050, two titles that I miss every single day. While both versions of the game had their faults, and Trion Worlds wasn’t the best at actually supporting them, it was still a sad day seeing them go offline forever. I’m going to miss clocking in once every few months to shoot some mutants.

Someone make a private server for this game.

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