Free Stuff To Play: January 7 Edition

Stuff to play going into the weekend.

The weekend is here and you might be thinking to yourself “Connor, I want some free stuff to play this weekend.” Do I have a surprise in store for you, provided you haven’t read the headline of this piece and just started reading completely blind. Yes, I’m talking about some new free stuff.

First up is Gods Will Fall, available on the Epic Game Store. Redeem it on your account and keep it forever, no subscription or service needed. Available to redeem until January 13. Over on Steam, the Invasion DLC for Minion Masters is available for free. All you need is a copy of Minion Masters itself, which is also free to play. Pick this up before January 13.

Over at Xbox, Microsoft is hosting a free weekend for Battlefield 2042, Star Renegades, and The Sinking City. You do need Xbox Live Gold in order to participate. If you have Gold you should also be redeeming this month’s free games including Tropico 5, NeuroVoider, and Radiant Silvergun.

If you have a PlayStation Plus subscription you can head over to the PlayStation Store to redeem this month’s free games; Persona 5 Strikers, DIRT 5, and Deep Rock Galactic.

Free games.

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