Black Death Still Dead, Not For Sale

Six months later.

About six months ago we reported on Black Death, an indie MMO by Syrin Studios. At the time the developer had made the decision to “pause” sales temporarily due to server instability. In case you were wondering whether or not Black Death would ever come back on sale, as of six months later it has not. Actually the developers have gone completely radio silent since that July 7 announcement.

Given how poorly the game had performed financially, we’re thinking it’s best to cross this off your wishlist.

If you want to know what the developer has been up to since abandoning Black Death, they’ve been raising money over at Fig for a new game Marauder under the name Small Impact. The project has raised $177 thousand and has an estimated release date of January 2022, meaning it may show up here at MMO Fallout very soon. The Fig page itself hasn’t seen an update since April 5, so who knows. That could also have been abandoned.

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