Tibia Turns 25 Years Old, Hosts Event

Thanks community for being a friend.

Tibia is officially a quarter of a century old, as CipSoft thanked its players today for 25 years of memories with an in-game event, a raffle, and a video showing the inner offices. Tibia launched in 1997 and remains online to this day with new content regularly released.

“A story like that of Tibia is rare in our industry,” says Stephan Vogler, Co-CEO and co-founder of CipSoft. “Our hobby project has become an enduring success with many very dedicated players. I am extremely grateful to be a part of this story.” Ulrich Schlott, like Vogler, a CEO and founder of the company, adds, “Tibia is running more successfully than ever before, in part due to our close cooperation with our community. After 25 years, we still have plenty of ideas to keep bringing fresh content to the world of Tibia.”

Source: Press release

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