Fortnite’s Foundation Challenge Makes Us Evil

Bastard coated bastards with bastard filling.

This last week’s update to Fornite finally saw the release of Dwayne The Foundation Johnson‘s skin becoming acquirable. A new part of the map opened up as The Imagined Order drilled into the island at Pinnacle Peak and set up a base. Why is this important? Well it appears that we’re gearing up for a war with The Imagined Order and Dr. Slone. Again. The entire island flipping on its head wasn’t enough to get rid of them.

First off, this week’s season mission is an absolute bastard because of Covert Cavern. You have to land at Covert Cavern, kill an IO guard, take their card key, and get it to a Seven drop site. All within one match otherwise your progress resets. All with tons of people dropping in Covert Cavern because it’s the new hotness.

And nothing says new hotness quite like a boss NPC and challenges. Gunnar is the boss of Covert Cavern and anyone with a pulse and some bullets can knock the dude on his ass in short order. In fact, you have to in order to fulfill The Foundation’s challenges. The problem, as I noted above, is that you’ll be competing with every shmoe that drops into the cavern.

In previous seasons you actually had to be the one that landed the killing blow on say Dr. Doom or Iron Man to get the challenge. Thankfully now you just have to contribute, meaning you can pop a shot off on Gunnar and book it, and still get the challenge once someone kills him. If they kill him. Getting the IO guard’s key card is a bit more of a pain as there is far more running involved and more steps. Getting Gunnar’s challenge just means surviving, which in the cramped and populated spaces of Covert Cavern can also require numerous tries before you find that perfect lobby.

Some of the challenges are pretty easy while others are more time consuming and tedious. Hire a character and run them 1,000 meters. Do sniper damage while crouched. Use four shield potions in a single match. Land at a Seven base and finish in the top 10. These won’t take you too long. That Gunnar one took me the longest.

It also made me into a bastard, as I figured out ways to get into Covert Cavern first and set up a line of defense while wiping out less equipped people who came after me. And you will too. But as they say, all is fair in love and Fortnite. Someone says that.

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