Lost Ark Preload Starts February 7

Early access on the eighth.

Lost Ark finally launches this week and hopefully the game will have a better time than New World did when Amazon launched that. Those looking to get their bandwidth exercises in early can start downloading the game on February 7 at 9a.m. PST. The pre-download will be available regardless of whether you have purchased a founder’s pack.

The head start servers will be available for those who bought a founder’s pack to rush in and initiate the first round of server crashes. Those servers go up on February 8 also at 9a.m. PST. All of the founder’s packs get into early access, with the cheapest option being $14.99. The game of course is free to play from launch. And on launch day, February 11, players will be able to get in to crash the servers once again at 9a.m. PST. At this point you’ll be able to drop profanity at the servers being unstable without having to pay an upfront fee.

At head start, Lost Ark will have nine European, seven US East, three US West, and two South American servers for players to crash out. Daily resets happen at 1a.m. or whenever any scheduled maintenance is finished. And of course players can look to the Lost Ark Twitter account for more updates on why the game has returned a connection error for the first two hours of trying to log in.

Looking forward to seeing everyone this week.

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