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Black Desert Launches Into Head Start On PS4

Good news, everyone! You Playstation gamers looking to get your hands on Black Desert are finally in luck, as the game has just gone into head start on PS4 before the full launch on August 22. If you want to take part, you can go ahead and pick up one of the starter packs available […]

MMOments: Secret World Legends and the Power Of Second Impressions

The Secret World will go down in history as one of the few games to put some of its executives in actual, physical prison, a strong connection considering that the game itself didn’t exactly leave much of a splash on the genre when it launched in 2012. It’s disappointing but true, while critics were praising […]

Age of Wushu Yanks Certain Preorder Bonuses

Updated Story: Snail Games has decided to give everyone who bought the Elite package the permanent horse. d. The permanent mount. There was quite a bit of miscommunication regarding this from both sides. When we were working on the package for the Elite players we honestly did not see it as an issue. There was […]

TERA: Not Wiping After Open Beta

There’s a phrase I once heard that goes along the lines of “in MMOs, the betas are like the infantile stage of release. They need to be wiped, regularly.” The folks at En Masse Entertainment, however, feel differently and will not be wiping characters when open beta transitions to head start. Rather, their mantra is: […]

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