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MMO Fallout’s Tips For 2019: Consumer/Industry Edition

I am a neglectful person. First I barely acknowledge MMO Fallout hitting nine years old last year, and now I look back at the archives and find out that I never published a predictions piece for 2018? You really get your money’s worth with this website, let me tell you. So in that vein, let’s […]

Elder Scrolls Online Pre-Order Bonuses

Yesterday the details for the Elder Scrolls Online collector’s edition leaked on the Amazon page for Dishonored, and today the details have been confirmed with Zenimax opening the game up for preorder. There are two bundles to choose from, standard and collector’s edition, and both have already sparked some controversy among fans. Preordering either edition […]

Age of Wushu Yanks Certain Preorder Bonuses

Updated Story: Snail Games has decided to give everyone who bought the Elite package the permanent horse. d. The permanent mount. There was quite a bit of miscommunication regarding this from both sides. When we were working on the package for the Elite players we honestly did not see it as an issue. There was […]

Testing The Old Republic: Procrastinating My Preorders

Bioware announced a long time ago that early access to The Old Republic would be staggered, your place in line would be determined by the date in which you ordered the game. So I decided to do a little test: About two minutes ago, I preordered The Old Republic on Origin. For those of you […]

Wait, Earthrise Is Back On Preorder? Off Shelves?

Dear Internet, Perhaps I’m missing something obvious here. To the best of my memory, Earthrise has been launched and is still running live, at least a quick trip to the official website would lead me to believe so. According to the website, there is a plan to drop the price of Earthrise to $29.99 USD […]

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