Space Punks Gets The Core One Update

One of the core updates.

Space Punks is a top down shooter currently in early access by Flying Wild Hog. This week the game received an update in the form of The Core One. The update changes the core game loop with new missions as well as substantial technical tinkering. All crafting elements and talent items can now be scrapped, and the workbench has seen some improvements to smooth out upgrading.

Head of Flying Wild Hog’s Krakow Studio and Space Punks Game Director, Micha? Kuk said: “We’re always excited about responding to player feedback and making Space Punks an ever-more awesome experience, and this latest update is the most important part of our Early Access journey so far. Paving the way for even better changes to come, these improvements are exciting additions and we’re really seeing how incremental community-driven changes combine to make a huge and positive impact on Space Punks.”

Space Punks is currently available on Epic Games Store. When the game does fully launch it will be free to play.

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