Lost Ark’s Most Terrifying Boss: The Gate!

Another reason to play on populated servers.

Today’s video comes to us from…me! Lost Ark is a game that I’ve been playing because Lost Ark is out and I’ve been playing Lost Ark. Lost Ark. Now I’ve been posting on Twitter about how strange the game gets in some parts, particularly surrounding the Mokoko seeds. Mokoko seeds are a set of collectibles hidden around the world, and there are 1209 of them total.

Once you get to a certain point in Lost Ark you’ll see people in area chat screaming about gates. They are yelling about a gate on the map that contains three Mokoko seeds behind it. The catch? It’ll take a group of players well between 15-20 minutes to actually knock that gate down, due to its sheer amount of health.

It’s a world boss that doesn’t fight back, but damn does it take a lot of work to kill. And you better be fast, as the gate respawns about 30 seconds after being killed. Thankfully if you get caught behind it you can just fast travel out.

Lost Ark launches this Friday.

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