Black Desert Celebrates Valentine’s Day

What if we kissed under the Pearl Abyss?

Valentine’s Day is almost here. Almost. But you wouldn’t know it looking at Black Desert. Starting today and running through March 9, players can take part in festivities within Black Desert. Get the uncomfortably named “Box Full O’Love” by sticking around for 60 minutes with up to 10 boxes earnable per day that can in turn be used as raffle tickets for the raffle starting February 16.

Raffle winners can get their paws on various items including the Epheria Carrack Box, TET (IV) BlackStar Weapon Box, TET (IV) Black Distortion Earring, 5000 Capras Stones, Dream Horse Box and more. If you don’t win you’ll walk away with a sweet chocolate item that can in turn be used to obtain other goodies.

Meanwhile the Gyfin Rhasia Temple in the Kamasylvia region has been revamped into a solo hunting region. Defeat the Butcher of Gyfin Rhasia when he spawns to obtain some handy rewards.

Check out the deets.

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