Fortnite’s Latest Pack Is Easy Leveling

$12 for 28 levels.

Fortnite’s latest level up quest pack is basically free levels spaced out over the course of a month. This season Epic has done a little more for people who want to buy their way to higher levels in Fortnite. You can now use V-Bucks to purchase levels above 100 (previously limited) and the Monarch’s level up quest pack is a way to buy levels cheap and earn some crap for your character in the process.

The pack itself costs 1,200 V-Bucks, which is great since normally Epic puts these packs up for real money, meaning you can’t buy it with the V-Bucks you already own or had saved up. For $12 you get weekly quests that offer 28 levels while also unlocking two skins, two back blings, and a wrap.

Essentially you’re paying 1,200 V-Bucks for what would normally be 4,200 in levels, plus you get some cosmetics. The quests themselves are dead easy, you just have to land at specific locations and activate a tag sitting in plain view. Only limit to all of this is that they unlock week after week, meaning you’ll need to wait out the full month before everything is unlocked.

Otherwise it’s not a bad deal.

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