Steam: Attempted Review Bomb Backfires Greatly

This War Of Mine flooded with support.

It’s safe to say that tensions are high around the world right now, given the decision of the criminal Russian government to declare war on Ukraine and invade the country. In the midst of all of this, the folks at Polish developer 11 Bit Studios announced that all profits from This War Of Mine, on all platforms, for the next week will be donated to the Ukrainian Red Cross.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, this move has angered a small group of ultranationalist users based primarily in Russia and China, who took to Steam to attempt to review bomb the game with negative ratings. Over the last few days This War of Mine has seen more than 500 negative reviews, more than 2021’s combined count for the year. This War of Mine is a fantastic game, and if you haven’t played it it’s actually 75% off right now.

The support for This War Of Mine and 11 Bit Studios has far more than drowned out that small contingency however. Over the last few days, the same game has brought in more than three thousand positive reviews showing support for the company and its message. It should be noted that a good amount of positive reviews are coming from Chinese and Russian accounts showing solidarity with both the developer’s cause and the Ukrainian side of the war.

There is a high likelihood of Valve marking all of the reviews as off-topic, as the store’s review bombing policy does not only apply to negative review campaigns. We will find out probably at the start of next week.

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