Steam: SourceWorlds Bumps Price 1,360,777.40%

It’s incredibly expensive in Russia.

SourceWorlds is the latest developer to raise prices in Russia, as the title received a price bump up to 11,405,841.12 Ruble, or a little over $95 thousand USD. That’s a lot of goulash. Developer TideOverStudios doesn’t seem to have publicly acknowledged the price hike on any of its official channels. SourceWorlds launched on December 20, 2021 and presently costs $6.99 if you buy it on Steam in American freedom bucks.

Unfortunately for SourceWorlds they are still being beaten by Ebony Spire: Heresy who bumped their Ruble cost up to $142 thousand USD or 14,099,829.08 Ruble. Meanwhile this week developer Talltech Studio kicked their game Krai Mira up to an even 200,000 Ruble or about $1,668.01 USD. Shoulda gone for an even conversion of $1776 if you ask me.

But then again I’m not selling games on Steam.

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