New World Gives Non-Answer To Russia Block

Company is blocking access in Russia and won’t say why.

With the ongoing Russian and Belarussian war crimes in Ukraine, one topic that keeps coming up here at MMO Fallout are western companies blocking access to their games to Russia/Belarus. For the most part those blocks are related to making purchases since most avenues of transactions have been shut down anyway. More rarely however are publishers actually revoking access to their games to players in those two countries.

New World is unavailable in Russia and Belarus, and while the obvious reason is both obvious and mostly non-controversial, Amazon has taken the route of refusing to explain why. Their non-answer on the forums blames “technical and other restrictions” without going into any detail.

Hey all, I’ve closed this thread since it has derailed off discussion on New World and towards global politics, violating our Code of Conduct.

In response to the original post: Due to technical and other restrictions, the game is available only in certain locations. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide you with access from your current location.

Thank you for your understanding.

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