Hotcakes: Hey, Bloodhunt Is Actually Back

Playtests this weekend.

Here at MMO Fallout there’s nothing I like more than my cynicism being kicked back in my face like sand in a child’s face. It hurts more when I say for instance that Gamigo was lying both to customers and their investors when they said there was a big update planned for Rift in Q1, only to spend the last few months pretending that they never said that. But also back in November 2021 of the year of Arnold, I turned my cynicism toward Bloodhunt, that fancy Vampire: The Masquerade battle royale game. Did you know that I spelled “masquerade” right the first time in this article? Achievements, folks.

Back in November the folks at Sharkmob announced that Bloodhunt would be going offline for a few months to rejig the game in privacy. And at the time my thought was maybe it wouldn’t end up coming back. We’ve seen a lot of games over the years that shut down for an extended period following a beta test and just never resurface. The idea alone makes me question the developer’s confidence in the product.

Thankfully, it’s back. If you subscribe to Bloodhunt’s mailing list then you already know that a playtest is scheduled for this Friday, March 25. The playtest is scheduled to run until March 28. Players can expect improved controller support as well as a reworked tutorial, better reporting tools, the implementation of easy anti-cheat, and more. A bloodhunt mode is being added that offers extra lives. Fancy fancy.

Hopefully it works out and hopefully EAC does its job of keeping cheaters at bay, because damn did Bloodhunt have a lot of people already cheating during the last beta test.

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