YouTuber Recreates Earth 2 Tech Demo In 7 Days

Enough time to copy The Ring tape and avoid the curse.

Those of you who read MMO Fallout may recognize Earth 2 as the shady metaverse title, specifically the one that hired the shyster bully known as Tanner Rozankovic. Outside of its pension for failing to bully critics, Earth 2 has also become quite notable for the many overstated and overhyped promises of its “proprietary” tech, despite much of that tech being either built into the engine or achievable with simple off the shelf plugins on the Unity engine.

Still unable to handle criticism, Earth 2 head Shane Isaac put out a challenge to a YouTuber/programmer Callum Upton to recreate the Earth 2 tech demo within seven days by himself. Yes, the head of a game studio dared a single person to recreate in a week what his team of developers took far longer to build. Assuming you believe they’ve built it. And he offered $10 thousand if certain criteria were met.

One problem? Callum did it.

In a video posted today, Callum Upton showed off the results of his designs and how they work. At the end of the video, Callum challenges Shane Isaac to prove that his team has in fact met the same challenges that were given to Callum. And if Isaac doesn’t have the integrity to pay the ten thousand dollars put forward, Callum will sell his tech demo to any other metaverse developer (not Earth 2) for the same sum.



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