Free To Play CrowZ Launches To Bad Reviews

Not a lot of people like this game.

The good thing about CROWZ is that the game is free to play, and judging by some of the reviews on Steam that might be the only good thing some can say about the game. Launched into early access by Royal Crow and Thumbage, CROWZ is a multiplayer shooter. That is free. But not loved.

According to current Steam statistics, of the 576 reviews as of this publishing approximately 37% of them are positive giving CROWZ a mostly negative rating. What’s the deal? According to reviews the game is plagued by performance issues, server issues, optimization problems, explosions are really loud, and some aren’t happy with the battle pass. There are 1,500 people in-game as I write this, and of course it should be noted that the game just launched into early access.

It just goes to show how little patience gamers have for early access games these days.

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