TERA: Remembering The MMO’s Best Commercials

The most memorable commercials you all forgot.

The Exiled Realm of Arborea is shutting down on June 30, and you know what? I’m disappointed in the gaming press. Because while everyone has regurgitated the announcement, nobody has bothered to go back and reintroduce the world to TERA’s advertising campaign. It’s the greatest ad campaign in video game history. Everyone forgot about it because it’s terrible.

Back when they were pushing the whole action combat, Bluehole Studios hired none other than Bas Rutten to be their spokesperson. It led to a series of wonderful commercials where Bas Rutten beats the crap out of nerds to show how TERA’s action combat is better than your boring tab-target MMOs. A lot of the commercials have been lost to time and are pretty much impossible to find nowadays.

I have three of them. Just watch. Are you an MMO-FO? I’m not.

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