Overprime Beta Test Is Back Up

Third person shooter MOBA.

Overprime is the upcoming MOBA title by Netmarble and if the game looks ridiculously familiar it’s because the game is basically a reboot of Epic’s failed game Paragon. Paragon, being a solid MOBA, still has a lot of fans to this day. The game shut down in 2018 not because it was bad or failed but because Epic decided its resources were better spent on its niche title Fortnite. Also Paragon eschewed Steam and other major launchers at a time when that was a really stupid idea. There’s a reason Epic put millions of dollars worth of the game’s assets up on the open market for anyone to rebuild the game themselves.

Anyway, Overprime has its second beta going on this week. If you’d like to take part, just head over to Steam and click that “request beta access” button. Beta access runs until May 11.

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