Forsaken World To Sunset This Year

Gearbox hath forsaken us.

Gearbox Publishing, the new metaphysical form of what used to be Perfect World Entertainment, announced this week the coming sunset of Forsaken World. According to a post on the official website, servers will go down on November 30 for the forever cleep.

This was a very difficult decision to make, but we are grateful for the love, support, and dedication you have poured into the game and all the wonderful communities that have come from FW. We no longer feel there is room for FW to flourish and grow. As amends to our most dedicated fans, we are making sure to offer refunds for the last few months.

All purchases on Forsaken World going back to March 1 will be automatically refunded to your wallet, and Arc points used during that same period will also be refunded back to your wallet. The refund process should take about a month to fully complete.

Source: Forsaken World via MassivelyOP

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