RuneScape Details Its Board Game

Kickstarter coming this month.

Jagex is partnering with board game creators Steamforged to crowdfund the RuneScape board game. Dubbed RuneScape Kingdoms: Shadow of Elvarg, the board game has already lined up its initial release as well as four expansion packs each introducing new skills, new bosses, and new features. Today the folks at Steamforged revealed the three pledge tiers for the upcoming Kickstarter campaign.

The lowest pledge at $80 gets you the core box including the 12 hour campaign, 14 miniatures, 300+ cards, tokens, dice, game board, and boss board. The $150 version adds in all the unlocked Kickstarter cards, the TzKal-Zuk expansion, King Black Dragon expansion, Kalphite Queen expansion, and Culinromancer expansion (Kickstarter exclusive). The $195 edition includes all of that plus special edition mats, dice, wooden tokens, and metal coins.

The Kickstarter campaign for the board will run for just ten days.

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