Scavengers Console Version Scrapped

As PC version dies in relative obscurity.

Scavengers studio Midwinter Entertainment has a new owner, as Improbable says sayonara and kicks them off to greener pastures. Now under the stewardship of Behaviour Interactive, Midwinter Entertainment also announced that the planned console version of Scavengers has been cancelled (according to Eurogamer). The Steam version, meanwhile, has been languishing under the threat of cancellation as despite the game still being in early access for the last year, concurrent player numbers are now struggling to breach even 200 people at any given time.

Scavengers will apparently remain with Improbable. So far the track record for SpatialOS, tech “built to handle low-latency, high-volume, high-throughput data replication,” has been a string of high and low profile failures with nothing to show for it in terms of a successful game launch. If Scavengers dies in early access it’ll be yet another mark against the company’s record.

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