Destiny 2: Why Is Containment Always Empty?

Because you’re probably in the wrong mode.

Destiny 2’s latest season is a week old now, and people are settling in to the new activities and generally kicking ass and taking names. The big activity this season is Containment, set in the somewhat open zone area of the Leviathan. Containment is a three-tier repeating public event that has you killing enemies and depositing energy, then killing the big boss at the end of each tier. Complete the three tiers and there’s a big chest of stuff.

But you may be entering the zone and wondering “why do I keep getting stuck in empty zones?” The short answer is that you’re probably entering the wrong mode. Containment has two modes; Castellum and Containment. The Containment mode is what is selected by default (meaning you may not even be aware of a second mode) and is specifically for players who want to explore the zone. The second mode, Containment, is naturally for people who generally want to play the Containment mode.

Now joining Castellum doesn’t mean you won’t find people taking down the public event, and Containment doesn’t guarantee you won’t end up in an empty area. But by going Containment you are far more likely to see people actually participating in the event as opposed to Castellum where they are far less regular.

Also if you see these little meme supremes running around with their shield bubbles that let you know your bullets are completely useless against them, they don’t have any sort of special protection. You just have to run up and punch them. Yes it’s that basic, and yes you can punch your screen.

See you next time!

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