New World: Yes, Azoth Vials Are Broken

Not that you’ll find much information anywhere.

It’s not just you, Azoth vials are currently broken. Or more specifically they’ve been disabled until a future patch. If you’ve logged in to New World over the last couple of days you may have noticed that your Azoth vials, vials full of Azoth, haven’t been working. You can try to salvage them, but nothing happens. Or alternately you’ve spent more than 30 seconds in global chat during which point someone asked “are Azoth vials broken” to which someone else answered yes.

Azoth vials have been disabled in-game for the time being due to player complaints over the recent patch making it much easier to mass-salvage items with a single click. The result? People accidentally one-click salvaging their entire stacks of Azoth vials. Whoopsie. That is no bueno.

To prevent this from happening, Amazon threw on a quick hotfix disabling Azoth vial usage completely. You won’t get a specific error message when attempting to use your Azoth vials or any error message at all, they just won’t work. Hence the constant stream of people asking “are Azoth vials broken” in chat every 30 seconds. Technically yeah, kinda.

It’s not great. As of this publishing there is no ETA on when Azoth vials will be reenabled.

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